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300 Click for offerA British diver who assisted in the rescue of 12 boys from a Thai cave is reportedly considering legal action against Elon Musk after the Tesla and SpaceX CEO called him a "pedo." Meanwhile, T-Mobile isn't expected to launch its mobile 5G network until 2020. Still, the company has been trying to differentiate itself from its competitors by saying it plans to a deliver nationwide network when it does launch its service, something its rivals won't do on day one. 5G service on AT&T and Verizon is being rolled out in limited pockets of certain markets.

I was not alone — many of my friends and classmates also had difficulty getting the forms and the information needed to apply for financial aid. Another lightweight wheelchair concept comes from UK-based Phoenix Instinct. Simply called the Phoenix AI, this chair is made from carbon fiber, and "will configure itself to what the user is doing so it remains in sync with how the user moves," according to the company. This chair will constantly adjust its center of gravity, which should make it easier to push. Light power assist is also on hand to help with ascending grades, and automatic braking takes care of slowing down the chair on slopes.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKE[Read more about Hannah Gadsby’s disruptive art.] Here's Tappy's story.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYAlexa devices can listen and record alarms and the sound of glass breaking as part of its Alexa Guard feature, but this is new for Google Assistant devices. The SoMo app ties in elements of event planning, calendaring, social networking and navigation apps. For example, a group of parents can set up a weekly recurring ride to soccer practice. Later, individual parents can then accept or decline the ride like they could a calendar appointment. They can even take turns doing the driving and SoMo will update the route to optimize for that week's pick-ups and drop-offs.

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That’s because in addition to receiving text messages, you can now log in by using codes shown in an app, by plugging in a physical security key or by setting up your phone to receive a notification and hitting a button. More on that below. We liked the high-quality lighting Verdera brought to our bathroom and sound quality from the built-in speakers was plenty clear for casual use during a morning routine. Even with its space-saving design and helpful smarts, the ,250 price tag for even the smallest, 24-inch model means the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror won't be for everyone. While the 24-inch model costs ,249; the 34-inch mirror retails for ,499 and the largest, 40-inch version is priced at ,624. 

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The author of the memo described feeling uncomfortable with his colleagues' insensitive comments about protests over the death of Eric Garner, who was killed by police in New York in 2014.  Anyone can be scammed.

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This perturbed a police detective named Tony Barksdale. At the time a colonel in his mid-30s, Barksdale, a bald, bearish man with a lugubrious manner, grew up in a rough section of West Baltimore. “I saw my first guy get shot at a football tryout at Franklin Square,” near his home, he told me when I met him for lunch last spring in the city’s Canton neighborhood. His own block was relatively safe, however, because a police officer lived on it. Barksdale was drifting through Coppin State College, “blowing Pell grants,” when he saw a bunch of young black cops on the street one day. The sight inspired him to sign up himself. A low-key trend playing out at CES 2019 was the number of companies trying to create video game experiences that live in public spaces. Many are trying to figure out what the arcade or tabletop game of the future looks like.

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The whistle-blower’s complaint released on Thursday revealed how Mr. Giuliani, Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer, played into this dynamic, focusing his efforts to get Mr. Biden and his son investigated on a group of senior law-enforcement officials in Ukraine who had been locked for months in a bitter turf war with rival factions within the same state structure. The TLC's calculations for minimum-wage pay equals .22 per hour, which includes -per-hour minimum wage and extra for drivers' gas and car costs. The number is based on drivers' miles traveled plus time driving, which is then divided by "utilization rate." The utilization rate is the amount of time drivers have a passenger in the car.

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